Transnational excellent research network in the R&D of fuel cells powered by hydrogen ...

Project Associated Partners


Asociación Española del Hidrógeno, Spain

logoaeh2 The Spanish Hydrogen Association (AeH2) is a non-profit organization founded in 2002. Its main aim is the promotion of hydrogen technology development as an energy carrier, and its use in industrial and commercial applications.
AeH2 members are the most active Spanish companies, public and private institutions and researchers in hydrogen technology, with a common interest: opening markets and social and environmental benefits of introducing hydrogen and fuel cells in the energy systems.
AeH2 members have developed strong capabilities in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.
The AeH2 has shown itself as an important and visible actor in the hydrogen community in Spain and abroad and will play an important role in this emerging industry.

Consejería de Innovación, Industria, Turismo y Comercio. Gobierno de Cantabria, Spain


loga cantabria

La Dirección General de Innovación, Desarrollo Tecnológico y Emprendimiento Industrial del Gobierno de Cantabria, responds adequately and effectively to the framework of the global energy problem, addressing the challenge of ensuring sustainable energy supply in the SUDOE region, facilitating Quality scientific and technical research as well as the development of high-competitiveness R & D & I entrepreneurial activities.

SODERCAN, Spain Website:
logo sodercan La Sociedad para el Desarrollo Regional de Cantabria S.A., SODERCAN, is a public company of the Government of Cantabria, assigned to the Vice-Presidency and the Council of Universities, Research, Environment and Social Policy. SODERCAN's mission is to contribute actively to strengthening the industrial fabric of Cantabria by supporting all the activities that contribute to its improvement, by facilitating the creation processes, through consolidation and entrepreneurial growth and by promoting R & D & I activities and / or projects, which drive the competitive improvement of businesses in the region.

 bicicletas electricas Ecobike is a family company dedicated to consulting, manufacturing and sales of electric bicycles for all kind of customers. With more than 12 years of experience and research in the electric world, we manufacture high quality products at an affordable price and with a unique after-sales service.

CEOE-CEPYME Cantabria, Spain Website:
 ceoe CEOE-CEPYME Cantabria, is a national of Confederación Española de Organizaciones Empresariales (CEOE) (CEOE) and of Confederación Española de la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa (CEPYME), representing the interests of the companies of Cantabria. It has the general mission of defending the global and common interests of Cantabrian business leaders by encouraging and defending private initiative and free market economy, promoting unity and integration of Cantabria entrepreneurs, as well as the representation of the entrepreneurial interests of the region, at general and particular level, with the society, the administrations and the Unions.

GIRA (Grupo de Iniciativas Regionales de Automoción), Spain Website:
 GIRA logo Automoción de Cantabria, GIRA cluster, constituted with the aim of encouraging cooperation between manufacturers of automotive components and automotive auxiliary industries in order to obtain a more competitive level of the whole sector and of the companies which compose it, laying down the bases to guarantee the adaptation to technological changes, market challenges and, ultimately, the general defense of their interests.

 logo bresimar

Bresimar Automação began its activity in 1982 and specialized itself in commercialization of equipment and systems for industrial automation. During the years, Bresimar Automação ruled its activity commercializing a high quality product, having specialized itself in equipments and systems for application on several fields of industrial automation, where represents several respected marks.

The company's development was always based on a high-qualify technicians recruitment and supported by a continuously formation policy, with the purpose of having a team capable to respond to a very demanding market in a constant evolution.

Direcção Geral de Energia e Geologia, Portugal Website :
 logo DGEG The Directorate General of Energy and Geology of Portugal considers that the project "PEMFC-SUDOE" is of great interest and wishes to take an active part in the activities and contributions solicited as part of its mission, including the participation of its experts in workshops, meetings and other events.

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