Transnational excellent research network in the R&D of fuel cells powered by hydrogen ...

Project Objectives


  • General objective

The main objective of the project is to establish a transnational network of excellence for R&D&I development of hydrogen fuel cells in the SUDOE region, which promotes sustainable energy supply in strategic sectors of the region such as transport, and/or portable and stationary devices; This objective is in line with the specific objective of the program to "reinforce" the synergetic and networked operation of R&D&I at the transnational level in the specific sectors of SUDOE based on "smart" specialization. To this end, 5 R&D&I groups of high specialization and 4 high-qualified companies of the 3 countries of the SUDOE region are integrated, addressing the research and innovation aspects for smart and sustainable growth covering sectoral and regional needs through transnational and intersectoral cooperation. The scope of the project includes developing links and synergies among members of the consortium for the development of new materials and technologies, combined with advanced simulation and optimization techniques for designing more efficient and low-cost fuel cells, as well as their implementation in a final prototype.

  • Specific objectives
  1. Establish a network of excellence for transnational R&D&I cooperation in the SUDOE region between the most significant research centers, universities and companies in the sector to jointly develop new PEMFCs and their applications to strategic SUDOE sectors.
  2. Develop an innovative and efficient fuel cell system (PEMFC) for the generation of electrical energy from hydrogen.
  3. Develop a prototype system and transfer the results

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